South Sulawesi becomes Pentanque National Champion 2018, Do You Know About This Sport?

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Sports lovers in Indonesia are certainly still not familiar with the name of the Petanque sport. Yes, this sport is from France is indeed classified as a new sport in Indonesia.

Even though it’s new, this sport turns out to have developed quite well, the proof is that some regions have had athletes and the Pentaque national championship has been going on in several regions in the country.

This can be seen in the National Championship (National Championship) East Java Petanque III which takes place in the city of Surabaya which starts on Tuesday (30/10) and will end on the upcoming Sunday (4/11).

Interestingly in the National Championship, the South Sulawesi Petanque Team actually won the gold medal. Zaky presented the first gold medal for the South Sulawesi contingent on single man. He defeated his competitors, including the host athletes in East Java (East Java). South Sulawesi also added medals to its medal after winning bronze in the women’s single number through its athlete, Ramlah.

Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Petanque Sports Federation (FOPI) of South Sulawesi, Nukhrawi Nawir, said that the achievements of the South Sulawesi athletes are the beginning to continue to make achievements in the future.

“We are proud of this achievement, hopefully our team’s medals continue to grow. This National Championship is also part of the preparations to take part in the Pre-PON in which Petanque has officially competed in the 2020 Papua PON, “Nukhrawi Nawir explained, quoted by

At a glance about Pentaque sports, Petanque is a form of sports game that aims to throw an iron ball as close as possible to a wooden ball called cochonet. Throwing feet must also be inside a small circle that has been determined. There is a defined distance, which is the distance of throws from wooden balls with throwers, between six to ten meters.

In Petanque, there are team singles, double teams, triple teams, and team mixes, and this type of game is battle team. Petanque’s own sport comes from France. In France, this sport has been around since around 1907. Almost part of the French community plays the sport. Petanque is first competed in Indonesia at the SEA Games 2011in Palembang. In Indonesia, this sport is being developed.



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