Successful Make History of the Indonesian Air Polo Team Secure the Position of the Coach


The success of the Indonesian Putra Air Polo Team with gold achievements at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, became a milestone for the Indonesian Team. Because this is the first time the Red and White Army can win a gold medal from the water polo branch, throughout the history of Indonesia in the multi-level event at the Southeast Asian level.

Not just one historical record. In addition to the inaugural gold, this incision is also a phenomenal history, where Ridjkie Mulia and his colleagues managed to break the dominance of the Singapore water polo team which has always managed to get gold throughout the 27 editions of the SEA Games since 1965.

Indonesia itself has only competed in water polo since 1977, and this is the first time it has succeeded in defeating Singapore. In addition, Indonesia is now the second country to win water polo gold at the SEA Games, in addition to Singapore.

This historical note was immediately welcomed by PB PRSI Chairperson Anindya Novyan Bakrie. Anin, her nickname, said that this achievement was the moment of the rise of Indonesia’s water polo at the international level.

Anin also stressed, that the SEA Games gold will not make him complacent. He gave the target that the next Indonesian water polo team could talk a lot at the Asian level.

“After we can dominate ASEAN, next at the Asian level we also need to improve. Hopefully with an international coach that will make us continue to be more competitive,” Anin said, as quoted by Vivews.

Anin also ensured that the position of coach Milos Sakovich was now secure, and could continue to focus on improving the ability of Indonesia’s water polo squad. Especially since Milos and PRSI’s contracts have been long, since 2017.

“I think what has gone well continues and that needs to be improved. The term is not yet finished, we are just starting, but the point is long-term and we hope (coach Milos) can score a weighted player,” Anin said.

“Insya Allah (Milos coach contract is extended), we will also strengthen the condition of the team and the coach. Therefore, we will socialize it to avoid it because we have to go further,” Anin explained.


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