Shaleha Fitriana, the National Team Taekwondo Athtlete

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Champion of the Indonesian Team Joining the Indonesian National Team is certainly not an easy thing. The challenges and the journey to achieve it will not be that simple, like what has been experienced by Indonesian Taekwondo Team Athlete Shaleha Fitriana Yusuf.

The medals and trophies perched in Shaleha’s cupboard are no longer counted. His name has also been able to boast of the Red and White several times in various international events, through the taekwondo martial arts sport that he has been playing for the last years. Finally, Shaleha won a bronze medal at the 2019 SEA Games 2019 Southeast Asia Philippines.

What Shaleha achieved is a further achievement, after at the 2017 Malaysia SEA Games, she won a silver medal for the Indonesian Team. In the future, of course the name of the virgin from Sukoharjo has the potential to regain the trust of defending the Indonesian Team at the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam. This time he is targeting to be able to present gold.✖

Shaleha first taste of international experience, when he was sitting in the class 2 SMA. He competed in the kyorugi (fighting) class number -52 kg in South Korea. Even at the 2015 Jeonju Open International Taekwondo Open, he successfully won gold.

“At the end of 2016, I started participating in national training (Pelatnas). Hopefully the national team can be called to participate in the SEA Games again. I also really want to be able to participate in the Olympic championship, “he explained. He

admitted that the first gold ever won in taekwondo was obtained in 2010, when he was still in grade V of elementary school (SD). To be precise, at the Regional Championship (Kejurda) Tugu Muda Cup. Until finally it became one of the mainstays of the Indonesian Team, Shaleha admitted that it was not easy to come by.

He admitted that he had been involved in taekwondo since the second grade of elementary school. He took part in a sport that his older brother was already doing.

“Because at that time my brother was taken to pick up training. I was curious so I wanted to see. Until there, how come there are many friends, finally I want to come too. “Actually, it was not approved by the ladies and gentlemen, but because I was determined to finally be supported until now,” he said, who is listed as a coach of Dojang DCS Mahameru in Sukoharjo.

Shaleha admitted, the focus itself is still on Central Java. He is determined to be able to win gold for his birthplace in PON 2021 Papua.. “Hopefully you can get gold in PON,” he said.


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