Shadow Fighting Practices, Becoming Komang Harik’s Style to Practice During the Pandemic

Sumber Gambar: Jay/Humas

One of the members of the Indonesian Silat Team from Buleleng Bali, Komang Harik Adi Putra, admitted that until now he was still training independently with the trainer’s program during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The training is still going on but not as usual. There are individual exercises and two times a month with the team, but you still have to carry out health protocols such as wearing a mask, carrying a hand sanitizer and keeping your distance even during training,” said Komang Harik as quoted by Tribun Bali. .

The figure who won a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games for the fighting number added that during the pandemic period, he was also forced to reduce the intensity of his training. This is done by Komang Harik because he hopes that his condition will always be prime and maintained, in order to face the many sports agendas in 2021, starting from PON Papua to the Vietnam SEA Games.

“The portion of time for individual training is also reduced. Before Covid, he usually practiced for about two to three hours, while after Covid it was only one hour,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the standard of nutritional intake, the 25-year-old fighter admitted that he did not exist, only a diet that he really had to maintain, in order to continue to be able to get the ideal body weight. Komang Harik admitted to avoiding food and drinks that have the potential to make the body unfit, as well as being good at managing and taking care of yourself.

“Do not force training if you feel unwell,” said Komang.

Komang Harik said that in a pandemic like now, the toughest difficulty is finding a partner for sparring. Because he cannot touch his opponent, and follows health protocols that require him to maintain his distance. He can only practice sparring virtually, with inner visualization, assuming that there is an enemy in front of him.

When individual training, continued Komang Hari, the mainstay of technique must always be honed and must not be slack.

“Individual training, usually starting from 20 minutes of jogging. , run on a five-lap court, perform dynamic movements, abc movements, sprint 100 meters. Apart from that, it is also a technical exercise to relax your legs. Likewise, when the exercises are together, “said Komang.


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