Ten Thousand Runners Enliven the 2019 Borobudur Marathon

Sumber Gambar: Nicholas Ryan Aditya/Kompas

Around 10,000 marathon runners were released on Sunday, November 17, 2019 to take part in the 2019 Borobudur Marathon race. The participants were released by Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo in the Lumbini Park Area in the Borobudur Temple Complex, Magelang, Central Java.

Borobudur Marathon 2019 this time competed in 3 categories namely full Marathon, 10K and Half Marathon. A total of 2,330 runners took part in the full marathon, 4,300 runners participated in each half marathon and 10K.

Around 300 runners came from 16 countries and the rest were runners from Indonesia. They are released at different times. The full marathon runners are released at 05.00 WIB, then half marathon at 05:30 WIB, and 10K at 06.10 WIB.

Throughout the race, the runners will also be treated to a beautiful view. As quoted from Tempo, Governor Ganjar Pranowo, who took part in the 10K race, hoped that the runners could happily participate in the race.

“We pray for the runners to race happily and happily,” he said.

Previously, Muhammad Hatta Manager of PT Nusantara Community Based Tourism (CBT) Management Assistance Program hoped that the 2019 Borobudur Marathon competition would be able to raise the potential around the Borobudur Temple. In addition to increasing the number of hotel and lodging visits, other sectors such as tour packages, culinary, and pop entertainment will benefit.

“Transportation needs, spots for tourism, culinary and other objects in Borobudur will also be affected,” he told Tempo (11/14).


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