SEA Games is No Longer the Main Target


After gaining good achievements at the Asian Games 2018, the government no longer sets the SEA Games as the main target. This Southeast Asian sporting party will only become an arena for Indonesian athletes who have not yet performed as well as a place for regenerating young athletes.

This government decision is driven by several factors. For example, determine a sport in the SEA Games is very dependent on the host’s policy. This is different from the Asian Games where the majority of branches are oriented towards the Olympics, so the SEA Games cannot be used as a benchmark for achievement.

“Of course we will follow government policies. The SEA Games are different from the Asian Games, where the majority of sports are branches competed in the Olympics. At the SEA Games, the sport is determined by the host, “said Suwarno, KONI Central Deputy Chairman, as quoted by Media Indonesia.

Even so, Indonesia will still bring down some of its senior athletes in several superior branches. This is so that senior athletes mentor junior athletes while competing in international competitions. As quoted from, Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Gatot S Dewabroto revealed that the SEA Games is an opportunity for young athletes to perform.

“So, it won’t be rigid. Later some sports (superior) will have a mix (combined junior and senior), for example, which probability percentage, will later be further. Because, without it, when will a junior player get a chance?”he said.


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