SEA Games 2019 Philippines, Indonesia Send 49 Sports


The Indonesian contingent will take part in 49 of a total of 56 sports competed at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines next November. The number experienced the addition of four sports from the original plan.

This certainty was confirmed by Chef de Mission (CdM) Indonesia for the SEA Games, Harry Citizen of Harun. In his statement, the four new sports are Floorball, Sailing (screen), fencing and underwater hockey.

The presence of the four additional sports was a surprise because previously only 45 sports were approved to go on a state budget. But suddenly all four volunteered and dared to go on a personal budget.

The four sports initiative was also getting a quick response from Harry. He then reported his submission to increase the number of sports to the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK). In the hope of finding the best solution regarding financing problems and athlete bonuses later.

Monday (10/21), we first had a meeting at (the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture. There it will be clear, how the formula is. Will they be fully independent or just officials. Everything can still happen, “Harry said .

Here is a list of 49 sports that will compete in the 2019 SEA Games:

1. Athletics 2. Aquatic 3. Badminton 4. Baseball / Softball 5. Basketball 6. Billiards 7. Bowling 8. Boxing 9. Canoeing 10. Chess 11. Bicycle racing 12. Archery 13. Dance sports 14. Football 15. Golf 16. Gymnastics 17. Space hockey 18. Ice hockey 19. Ice Skating 20. Judo 21. Karate 22. Modern Pentathlon 23. Muaythai 24. Pencak silat 25. Polo riding 26. Oars 27. Rugby 7s 28. Sepak takraw 29. Skateboarding 30. Shoot 31. Soft tennis 32. Squash 33. Surfing 34. Taekwondo 35. Tennis 36. Volleyball 37. Weightlifting 38. Wushu 39. E-Sports 40. Ju-Jitsu 41. Kurash 42. Kickboxing 43. Lawnbowl 44. Sambo


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