Aim for Olympic Points, Team Karate Flies to Shanghai

Sumber: Media Indonesia

The Olympics is in less than 2 years. Various preparations for Indonesian athletes have already begun. Among other things, they struggled to gain points to compete at the world’s biggest sports party which will then be held in Tokyo in 2020.

To get the expected points, as many as 6 athletes are prepared to take part in the WKF Karate1 A Series Championship in Shanghai which lasts 7th-9th of December 2018. These athletes come from the Karate National Do Karate-Do Institute (Inkanas).

As quoted from, the six karateka to be deployed in 78 tournaments that are participated in include Krisda Putri (Putri Peror Individual), Dwi Fadhilah (Female Kumite -50 Kg), Tri Winarni (Female Kumite -61 Kg) ), Andi Mesyara Jerni (Female Kumite -50 Kg), Aqtur Dimarsyah (Male Kumite -67 Kg) and Aditya Suhendar  (Male Kumite +84 Kg).

In preparation for the championship held by the World Karate Federation, Inkanas has held a training camp from November 27th 2018 to December 4th, 2018.


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