Samantha Aims For the Grand Master Title

Sumber Gambar:

Indonesian chess player, Samantha Edithso is eyeing the title of chess grand master. The chess player from Bandung has won several titles in 2018. Among them, Samantha once won the U-10 FIDE World Championship international championship 2018 which took place in Minks, Belarus. Finally, win the World Cadet Chess Championships 2018  held in the City of Compostela, Spain.

Her talent has indeed been spotted at the National Championship 2016. The young chess player from Bandung played in the Age 17 group and was successfully ranked second. At first, Samantha practiced chess since she was 6 years old when choosing chess as a school extracurricular activity.

Although claiming that chess is an activity to channel hobbies, Samantha still pursues the title of Grand Master. The chess player who also likes drawing activity wants to be a grandmaster at 12 years old.

“My target is to become a grandmaster at the age of 12 years old or more,” I Samantha, as quoted from Kompas.

Larry Edith, the father, fulfill Samantha’s desire to become a grand master in the near future. This condition could make Samantha reach the grand master at a very young age and could be the youngest in the world.

“Maybe we can say Samantha is too aggressive. But we can give it try. Now the youngest grandmaster’s record is 12 years 7 months. So if you can break it, it’s a miracle. But we shall just try, “Larry said.

To get a grand master’s title, Samantha must have an EO rating above 2,500, and must fight and defeat international chess grandmasters in 3 special events.


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