When Indonesia be a King of SEA Games 1977


In 1977, Indonesia for the first time attended a Southeast Asian sports party, or better known as the SEA Games. No half-hearted, Indonesia immediately became the overall champion in the event which was held on 19 to 26 November 1977 in Malaysia.

SEA GAmes 1977 was the first sports party in Southeast Asia to be held in the participant format as it is now. Previously, this event was called Southeast Asian Peninsular (SEAP) Games because it was participated by countries around the Malysia peninsula. Besides Indonesia, two countries namely Brunei Darussalam and the Philippines also for the first time plunged in that year.

In Malaysia, Indonesian athletes immediately appeared to dominate the sporting party. They succeeded in bringing Indonesia to the best level by becoming the most gold medal collector with 62 gold medals, 41 silver medals and 34 bronze medals.
In the previous SEAP Games event, Thailand and Burma dominated the medal acquisition.


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