Rudy Hartono, Build Badminton As Early as Possible

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Indonesian badminton legend Rudy Hartono, still has hopes to be able to continue to develop one of the most popular sports in the country, even though he has long been hanging a racket.

The owner of the four-time Thomas Cup, revealed that he still wants to be able to continue to contribute to the world that successfully catapulted his name to that world level.

One way, at the end of 2020, Rudy Hartono plans to be able to run an introduction to badminton at the elementary school level. The plan, this enterprise will take place in a number of big cities in Java, such as Semarang, Yogyakarta and also Malang.

“This is my desire to promote badminton, so that I enter elementary school. I have to work with companies that are interested in supporting,” Rudy Hartono was quoted as saying by

Regarding the name of the program, Rudy still wants to keep it tight, because it is still in the maturation stage, along with a number of parties he will collaborate with. It’s just delivered by the owner of one of the world titles, this program he has been thinking about since 10 years ago.

It’s just that, the opportunity to be able to title, can only be realized now – now.

“I thought about it 10 years ago, it just couldn’t penetrate. This has a bright spot, but it’s only a dot, not yet a ray,” Rudy Hartono explained.

According to the man who is now 70 years old, badminton is indeed a sport that is suitable for the people of the country.

Not only did he succeed over and over again in the Red and White pride, because he managed to achieve international achievements, but badminton was judged by Rudy to be very fitting to be played by a relatively flexible Asian.

Elementary school level, Rudy chose, because according to him, improving mental athlete candidates must be done as early as possible. So that he considers elementary age the most appropriate.

“At an early age, it is not enough for someone only to be given advice about Pancasila and manners. But how to foster a strong body and soul,” said the man from Surabaya.

“Sport is a battle, but all is done with honesty, effort and intention. Sport is also recognized by the world, why there is an Olympic championship.

“If children are introduced to regular exercise, they will appreciate their time and opportunities,” he added.

Schools that will be visited by Rudy and his program later, are expected to be able to make badminton as the main extracurricular there. So that there will be more students who are nurtured and honed their talents in badminton.

“Badminton is an individual sport, so it does not need a big field like football. Badminton has also been populist, and only how the system was changed in order to excel,” said Rudy.

Rudy’s great hopes that this coaching program can later be truly carried out, so that his ideals to be able to continue to play a role in fostering Indonesia’s badminton achievements can be realized.

“I’m sure now it’s not visible. But hopefully what I want is, especially for badminton to come true,” said a man who also served as Chairman of PB Jaya Raya.

“Later this year (the program) will roll. Later when it has crystallized (finished), the sponsor is ready, there will definitely be a press conference,” said Rudy Hartono.


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