Rudi Hartono, All England Records and Ambition To Pursue the Champion

Rudi Hartono, dan catatan gelar juara di All England. Sumber: CNN Indonesia

“In the world of badminton there are two types of players. The first is a player who has a great punch, playing pretty, but not always winning. While one is a type of player whose punches may not be too great, but always win. That’s Rudy. He doesn’t need a particular style for his game.” – Tan Joe Hok, a former player of Indonesian badminton.

This is one of the praise from a senior who pinned to his junior, Rudi Hartono. Tan Joe Hok is the first Indonesian badminton player to win the All England singles title. Later, the title fell into the hands of a player from Surabaya, Rudi Hartono.

Rudi Hartono can be said to be Indonesia’s most successful victory in the All England arena. The man who was born August 18th, 1949 was successfully won 8 titles and 7 of them done in a row. This amount is a record that until now can not be surpassed by any player.
As quoted from CNN Indonesia, Rudi is a very ambitious player to pursue what he wants. Concentrate to continue practice makes him ignore many things. “I’m busy training. Moreover, my dream is to be the champion. So I have to ignore the other things and just concentrate on the exercises, ” as he told CNN Indonesia.

The first title was taken after Rudi Hartono toppled Tan Aik Huang in 1968. After the victory, Rudi managed to defend his title in 6 men’s All England’s final. After seven consecutive championships at the All England, Rudi Hartono’s victory was finally cut off. In 1975, Rudi Hartono must be willing to release his title after losing by Svend Pri in the final.

Failure in 1975 did not make Rudi’s ambition sink. The man from Surabaya won again the men’s singles title in the All England title in 1976. In the game, Rudi Hartono managed to beat compatriot Liem Swie King. This victory is Rudi Hartono’s last title in All England.
Winning 8 times at the All England, making this hardworking man’s name recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1982.


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