Rowing Dare to Set Target at 2019 SEA Games


The Indonesian Rowing Training Team won one gold medal and one bronze medal at the 2019 Rowing Rowing Championship in the International Rowing Regatta, Tengeum Lake, Chungju, South Korea, Sunday, October 27, 2019 last. These pretensions are valuable assets to face the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, at the end of this November.

Reporting from, in the event Indonesia followed six numbers. Namely lightweight men’s singles (LM1X), lightweight men’s doubles (LM2X), men’s doubles without steering (M2-), lightweight women’s singles (LW1X), lightweight women’s doubles (LW2X), and women’s doubles without rudder (W2). Of the six numbers, Indonesia succeeded in getting a gold medal in the men’s doubles number without a rudder (M2), which was won by the paddy pair Ferdy and Dendry. Both became the best with a record time of 6 minutes 48.17 seconds.

And the bronze medal in the men’s doubles lightweight class (LM2X), represented by the couple Maherdrayanto and Irham. Both of them recorded a time of 6 minutes 47.32. Indonesia itself indeed has the great potential of Rowing’s sport. This can be seen from the acquisition of the 2018 Asian Games medal ago. Of the 15 numbers that were contested Indonesia was able to pocket from the acquisition of one gold, two silver and two bronze. With details.

With this nick, Sports Rowing deserves confidence to win medals at the 2019 SEA games. But the Executive Board of the Indonesian Paddle Sports Association (PB PODSI) does not want to brag too much. Financial problems are said to be the main obstacle. They even limit the number of numbers followed.

“In this 2019 Asian Championship, the PODSI Pelatnas team only followed 6 numbers that were contested in the Philippines SEA Games, November 2019, because they did not have enough funds, and the purpose was only to look at the map of rowing rowing strength in Southeast Asia alone,” Budiman said. the same one.


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