Rock Climbing Federation Want to Build 100 Climbing Walls

Sumber gambar: FPTI

The Central Management of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (PP FPTI) has a new enthusiasm, as the new management inauguration period 2019-2023. FPTI plans to build 100 climbing walls in the country.

FPTI, which is now led by Chairperson Yenny Wahid, is indeed targeting that rock climbing can be increasingly recognized in Indonesia, one of which is by having adequate training facilities.

“There is indeed a request from friends for me to help take part in advancing the sport of rock climbing. Personally I myself really like rock climbing, although I cannot climb,” Yenny said after being inaugurated, as quoted by

Yenny also revealed that his first program, currently, was to make 100 climbing walls. This development also goes hand in hand with a program to search for climbing seeds intended to inhabit national training.

“We want to look directly for superior seeds up to schools starting from elementary school level. So starting from elementary school we will build new walls throughout Indonesia. Our target is to build 100 walls in this management,” said Yenny, after inducted to reporters.

“This also stimulates the public to enjoy climbing this sport. If there are facilities, young people will be better honed. Now, from there we can see who has more talent and can be recruited as national training athletes,” he added.

Meanwhile, for the national training program which is currently underway, Yenny holds hope that the training camp can begin intensively immediately.

“Soon they will train at the national training camp. At the beginning of March my target has begun. I want to send them to Japan because there are many walls and cliffs with adequate facilities.” he said.

For this reason, PP FPTI plans to call in four male climbers and three female climbers, who will be trained intensively in Mandala Krida Yogyakarta. Aries Susanti et al, are well prepared to be able to get off at the Asian Rock Climbing Championship in South Korea, which is also included in the list of upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifications.

“We will help them to maximize opportunities at the Olympics,” he said.


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