Riau Ega Agatha Salsabila Arranges Preparation Towards the Tokyo Olympics

Sumber Gambar: akurat.co

Riau national archery athlete Ega Agatha Salsabila has actually prepared detailed plans for the Tokyo Olympics. But unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic paid for all the plans that were prepared.

Ega and fellow archery athletes, Ian, should now be concentrating on undergoing the Olympic training camp last April in Jakarta. But the national training was not implemented because of the coronavirus outbreak. Even though Ega himself had sent his wife and children back from Surabaya to Yogyakarta.

“So at first there was information about going to Jakarta (national training). I had time to ask my wife where to go? Want to be in Yogyakarta. Finally I returned, then there was news (Corona) going awry. I was not able to go home, I didn’t go (to Jakarta) also hahaha. So I am in Puslatda Surabaya, “said Riau Ega, as reported by Detiksport.com.

The athlete who also competed at the Rio 2016 Olympics, actually could have gone to the city of Yogyakarta too. But because during the trip Ega was worried about being exposed to the virus and instead infected the family at home, he chose to stay in Surabaya.

“I want to be able to dawn and break the fast with my wife but to prevent it. I also don’t know that there is nothing outside, rather than later arriving at home there is nothing, there are children, poor people. So be patient first,” said Ega.

“It seems that Eid also does not go home first. Until everything has subsided. After all, the name is Lebaran, we do not know the minds of people and usually high mobility even though it has been prohibited. I also do not want to bring diseases, for example, on the streets.

“So, now the activity is still practicing as usual at the Regional Training Center (Puslatda) dormitory. But I reduce my outdoor activities. So stay in the dormitory complex. If it is not necessary, I will not go out,” he concluded.


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