Remembering the Indonesian Sprinter, Sarengat


After so many times through the Asian Games with a bronze medal, then at the Asian Games in 1962, Indonesia was able to achieve gold. One of the gold achievement of Indonesia is obtained from the number 100 m male sprint athletic sports contingent on behalf of Sarengat.

Sarengat is an athlete born in Banyumas, October 28, 1940. His skills in sports have made him elected to strengthen the young Indonesian football team in Surabaya even though it did not develop.  On the contrary, when Sarengat turned to athletics, his talent and hard work were able to bring him into a tough sprinter. In addition to winning gold in the men’s 100 m, Sarengat also won gold in the 110m hurdles Asian Games 1962.

His brilliant career in athletics also accompanied by brilliant career in academics. Sarengat was awarded a scholarship to continue his studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and managed to focus on completing his lectures well in 1971. Sarengat also worked as an army doctor and had served as Vice President’s personal physician from 1973 to 1983.

Had been a caretaker at the All Indonesian Athletic Association and KONI Center, Sarengat passed away on October 13, 2014.


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