Raja Sapta Oktohari Receives the KOI Leadership Scepter


Raja Sapta Oktohari officially started working as chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) after the handover ceremony on Monday (4/11). In this event, Erick Thohir who now serves as Minister of BUMN of the Republic of Indonesia handed over the KOI leadership baton on the 16th Floor of FX Senayan Building, Jakarta.

As quoted from Kompas, Okto felt that his duty as the general chairman of KOI was a tough task. Moreover, Okto must replace Erick Thohir who was quite successful in bringing KOI.

“Being chairman is easy, but replacing Erick is difficult, because he has to maintain his good name,” Okto said to reporters.

As chairman of the KOI, Okto was faced with two main tasks. The first is to bring Indonesia to host the 2032 Olympics. Second, Okto must improve the sports law so that it does not overlap with regard to duties between sports institutions.

Although heavy, Okto remains optimistic about the task. The reason is, he is surrounded by people who are crazy about sports. Good cooperation between leaders is expected to make it easier for Okto to boost Indonesia’s sporting achievements.

“This is hard, but we are very confident of good cooperation. God willing, Indonesia will return to appear, and become a winner in a prestigious event,” he concluded


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