Rahmat Hidayat A Junior Badminthon Athlete Who Bursfully Holds Asian and World Champions

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The Indonesian team almost never lost the new potential of the badminton sports branch. Every year, new promising seeds emerge from one of the most popular sports in the country.

One of the debutants who is now starting to surface, one of which is Rahmat Hidayat. Even junior athletes who just entered the national training plate in early 2020 have high hopes, by setting targets in the Asian Junior Championship (AJC) and World Junior Championship (WJC).

Rahmad Hidayat, is one of the fostered athletes from PB Djarum. This 2003 Batam-born athlete, together with Cipayung Pelatnas, immediately won the trust to compete in two numbers at once, namely mixed doubles and men’s doubles. In the men’s doubles, Rahmat had the opportunity to duet with his club mate, Muhammad Rayhan Nur Fadillah. In 2019 the Rahmat / M Rayhan pair managed to record a surprising achievement, winning the National Championship (National Championship). Then in the mixed doubles sector, Rahmat is paired with Febi Setianingrum.

Still from 2019, Rahmat managed to record his name as a young badminton player who won the most titles throughout the year, with 12 titles. The achievement was obtained not only from domestic championships, but also from international tournaments. Even though he is studded with titles, Rahmat still has a target to overcome the AJC and WJC.

“Yes, my hope is that I can be a champion in AJC and WJC. It’s not easy, especially this year, I have just leveled up to cadets. Surely there are many who have to be trained again,” Rahmat said as quoted by Indosport.com

“In this PBSI I am still an apprentice player so I have to be able to take advantage of the opportunity and don’t just waste it,” Rahmat Hidayat explained.

Although his status is still an apprentice, at the beginning of 2020 Rahmat has also been trusted to fight in three European tournaments. Luckily, in the men’s doubles number Rahmat / Rayhan managed to penetrate the final round in three European tournaments. It’s just that in the Itala Junior championship both canceled appearances because of the Covid-19 pandemic. While at Dutch Junior International, Rahmat / Reyhan managed to come out as the best.

It’s just that the Rahmat / Reyhan German Junior International Grand Prix (GP) had to be satisfied as runner-up and had to hold onto the second title in the Blue Continent.

“You can say that you are not satisfied, you want to be a champion in German Junior. But we are still grateful for this result. At the same time we can experience and add experience too,”

“We can see the ability of the opponents as well. Certainly a lot must be improved in the future, especially the consintent and focused on the field,” said Rahmat.

In addition, despite meeting many great challengers in three European badminton tournaments, Rahmat Hidayat felt less because the big enemy, China, did not participate. According to him, they are opponents to watch out for when AJC and WJC later.



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