Qualification Round Eliminated, Indonesian Tennis Sports Without Representatives at the Tokyo Olympics

Sumber Gambar: Twitter @tenis_indonesia

The Indonesian team from the field of tennis has certainly not been able to send their representatives to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. After the International Tennis Federation (ITF) officially announced that the qualifying round was eliminated earlier, due to the co-19 pandemic.

In exchange for qualifications, the ITF will pass tennis players to the Olympics based on the WTA and ATP rankings as of June 8, 2020. All tournaments in March and April, which should also be a qualifying round, must be eliminated.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was finally postponed to 2021, tennis will compete in five numbers, namely men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, daughter doubles and mixed doubles. There are at least 172 tennis players who will participate, consisting of 86 boys and 86 girls, after being declared qualified through the ranking.

But with the closing of this earlier qualifying round, it is certain that Merah Putih cannot place any of its representatives in the Olympics. As reported by Indosport, that players who can qualify for the Olympics are 64 participants who qualify directly, or 56 top ranks, and a maximum of 4 ATP and WTA ranks per gender.

While the ranking of tennis players in the country number one Aldila Sutijadi is still in the 375 world ranking (WTA) and Agung Susanto is in 1350 (ATP). Seeing the rank of those who are still very far from the minimum qualification limit, then both of them are automatically not qualified.

Whereas in the men’s and women’s doubles, the Olympics will only provide a quota of 32 couples, consisting of 31 participants who qualify directly plus one host. Doubles are drawn from the top 10 of the WTA and ATP rankings, with the WTA double pair and the pair ranking at least 300, with a maximum of only two pairs.

While at present, the best tennis player owned by the Indonesian Team is Beatrice Gumulya ranked 155, Jessy Rompies (166) and Christopher Rungkat (81). Even Indonesian mixed doubles Aldila Sutijadi and Christopher Rungkat also did not get a place, even though they both succeeded in winning gold at the 2018 Asian Games and the 2019 SEA Games. single, or double and one host representative.


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