Proud, Kempo Indonesian Team Athlete, Achieves World Achievement Amid Pandemic

Sumber Gambar: ANTARA/HO/Porkemi

Becoming proud, in the midst of a pandemic like the Indonesian Team athletes from the Kempo branch, have achieved international achievements. Is the athlete Tuti Narlima and Aldziqri Faqih AS Saleh who succeeded in the name of Indonesia in the kempo world championship titled “The 1st E-Kempo IKF World Championship 2020” in Portugal on 18-19 July 2020.

In the championship held online, Tuti Narlima won a silver medal for the number of individual word princess in the age group 21-37 years. In that category Tuti only lost points from the knight from Spain Laura Esteban who got gold. While in third place is occupied by Carolina Fonseca (Portugal) and Erika Ruiz (Mexico).

While Aldziqri Faqih AS Saleh successfully won a bronze medal, along with Camilo Echeverria (Argentia). While the first and second ranks, obtained by the host athletes Martim Carvalho and Guilermo Jerez (Spain).

The championship was held by the International Kempo Federation (IKF) as a form of media to hone the abilities of athletes, as well as to fill the competition vacuum that occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the championship is a substitute for the Kempo world championship which was supposed to be held in Tunisia on 18-24 April. The championship itself was eventually postponed until 2021 due to the global pandemic.

Even though the championship was held virtually, but the competition was fierce. Countries that are members of the participants still lower the number one athlete they have. Countries that participated in the event included, host Portuga, Spain, Argentina Mexico, India, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Colombia. Indonesia itself is the youngest member of IKF to take part.

Even though it is a newcomer to IKF, Indonesia still sends a total of the best athletes. According to Porkemi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Member Consideration (DPAA), Timbul Thomas Lubis, his party still held a virtual selection to select athletes from the region before being deployed at the world championship. By the way, athletes are asked to send videos in the demonstration of expertise in each race number. After being selected nationally, the new video is sent to the world championship in Portugal.

“We are very proud because two Indonesian athletes were able to win silver and bronze medals. I watched the video until it was clucked and amazed,” Timbul said, as reported by

Timbul admitted, if Tuti Narlima and Aldziqri AS Saleh were indeed knights who won the Kempo 2019 National Championship. Porkemi hoped that what they achieved at the moment could be the motivation of many other Kempo athletes throughout Indonesia.

“Championships like this are very important and I think they are very creative. We also plan to hold an E-National Championship so that our athletes will still get the chance to compete,” said the man who is also the founder of Porkemi.


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