Preparing for the Asian Beach Games 2020, Rowing Still Holds Pelatnas


The Executive Board of the All Indonesian Rowing Sport Association (PB PODSI) stated that the national training program (Pelatnas) would not be interrupted, and would be carried out centrally in the Jatiluhur Reservoir, even though the covid-19 pandemic had not subsided, and various events were also delayed.

“We Pelatnas have never stopped, continuing since January. Now it is centered in Jatiluhur,” said Deputy Chairman of PB PODSI Budiman Setiawan, as reported by

Budiman explained, because it was carried out in the middle of a pandemic, PODSI also always implemented a strict health protocol, in order to prevent team members from being exposed to the corona virus. Athletes in particular are also directly supervised by a team of skilled doctors.

At Pelatnas rowing, currently there are 16 athletes who joined. Consists of eight rowing athletes and eight canoe athletes.

“They have been holding Pelatnas since January 1st ,” added Budiman.

Although the Tokyo Olympics were canceled in 2020, and was postponed for one year, the Pelatnas paddle continued, in preparation for the Asian Beach Games which were planned to be held in Sanya, China in November 2020, and there was still no change in schedule,

Meanwhile, various other international events, such as Olympic qualifications in Thailand and Korea which were originally to take place in March and April 2020 must be postponed.

“The Asian Beach Games are still on schedule and there has been no resignation decision. However, another event will be held next year,” he said.

Previously at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, the Indonesian Team for rowing sports successfully showed proud achievements. They won 10 gold medals, three silver and three bronze. These results exceeded the previously set target of five gold medals.

While in the Tokyo Olympics, the Red and White Troops are targeting to win tickets for four race numbers, namely him in rowing numbers and two more for canoeing.


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