The Portrait of How Patience Former Bicycle National Athlete Accompany Disable Athlete

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Although they did not succeed in donating a gold medal at the Asian Para Games 2018, but the struggle of the athletes of bicycle racing or paracycling Indonesia deserves thumbs up because they are still able to grab silver and bronze medals from all classes contested at the Sentul International Circuit some time ago.

A total of three silver medals were obtained and six bronze medals were donated from Indonesian Paracycling in the Asian Para Games 2018 event.

And behind this series of achievements, it is clearly can’t be separated from the magic touch of the best national bicycle rider, Puspita Mustika Adya. Yup, since 2015, Puspita has decided to become a paracycling coach. Until finally in 2017, the Indonesian Paracycling team was formed, even though the achievements start to strike up to the Asian Para Games 2018 under his leadership.

“So we are from paracycling Indonesia itself was just born, in 2017 at the ASEAN Para Games 2017. So, this is the second year. The first athlete of the cycling was M. Fadli, “he said, quoted from

Puspita also tells a little bit about his journey as a paracycling coach. Initially, despite having experience as a rider and trainer (one of them was Brunei Darussalam bicycle racing team), Puspita needed adaptation when handling disability riders.

He is required to be very clever to conduct psychologically approach when transmitting tactics and strategies.

“For normal athletes, we can deliver the program, and they can be left alone. But if athletes like them we can’t be hard, their feelings are softer. So what I say must be truly from the heart, “he said.

For this reason, Puspita take many ways to make the situation in the National Conference familiar. It should be no distance. The simplest thing is through greeting. There is no nick name such as coach, like the usual calling from the protégé to the coach.

“I don’t want to be called coach, om (commonly called name for adult male figure in Indonesia) or anything. I asked to be called Pakde.  I want them to consider me as their father, so that there is no distance between us, “Puspita said.

He’s not alone, Puspita also involved his wife Riries Widya as part of getting closer to Indonesian paracycling athletes.

“So I am like a mother to them. I want them to think of us as parents, who love them. Complementing their shortcomings because they are far from their parents, “said Riries.

“If there is anything they like to confide with me. For example, regarding their romances or other matters. I also always remind them about food,” she added.

Meanwhile,  Puspita explains some of the qualifications of parycycling riders consisting of four groups namely visual impairment, celebral palsy, mobility disorder.


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