Postponing the Olympics, Karate Used to Boost Achievement

Sumber: Media Indonesia

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Karate-Do Federation (PB FORKI) will take advantage of the postponed situation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to be able to improve the abilities and achievements of all its athletes.

Because, the delay caused by the covid-19 pandemic virus for the next year is considered by FORKI to increase their chances of qualifying for the Olympics even greater. To be able to win a ticket to Tokyo, karateka Indonesia must first qualify in Paris France.

PB FORKI will immediately try to increase the intensity of the training program, to welcome the qualification round which is planned to be held on the 26-28 July 2020. To be able to secure the Olympic slots, karateka Team Indonesia must at least be able to occupy the top four positions in the qualifying arena.

“Facing the Olympics next year, there are positive things we can use to reach the quota,” said PB FORKI Head of Development and Achievement, Djafar Djantang, as quoted by Medcom.

 “Therefore we and the training team prepare a program for athletes in their respective regions. For them to follow and can be monitored from the center,” he continued.

The Olympic Qualification Round for karate will initially be held on May 8-10. But because the covid-19 virus is still endemic, qualifications must be postponed, as well as the Olympic schedule.

Until now, the position of Indonesian Team karateka still no one is able to occupy the top 10 of the world. The biggest opportunity for Indonesian karate athletes to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, currently only owned by Ahmad Zigi Zaresta, who while in the top 24 in the world.


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