Planned to Play Athletes in the World Youth Championship, PABSI Awaits Regulations

Sumber: Tribun News

The World Weightlifting Federation (IWF) plans to hold a world youth championship during the current Covid-19 pandemic, with a virtual alias online model.

However, this concept still needs to be finalized, because it will involve many participating countries. Although it was tested in an open tournament in Uzbekistan some time ago, the regulations have not yet been completed.

Responding to this problem, the Executive Board of the Indonesian Weightlifting Association (PB PABSI) is trying to keep preparing itself, by continuing to carry out training programs during the pandemic.

“We are also still waiting for the regulations from the IWF. In November, the online championship will begin,” said the national weightlifting coach, Dirdja Wihardja, as quoted by detikSport.

In the youth world championship, PABSI plans to deploy three of its lifter. Consisting of M Fathir (61 kg), Rizki Juniansyah (73 kg) and one female lifter who is still in the selection stage.

The three athletes will be focused on undergoing the program with 10 other weight lifters. PABSI will also plan to hold another batch test at the end of this September.

“Later, there will be 12 lifters without Eko (Yuli Irawan) for the batch test. He did not participate because he had to prepare for the pre-service training of the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” he said.

“In the test results, we will see where the shortage of children is. What needs to be added or evaluated in preparation for the world championships,” said Dirja.


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