U-19 Asia’s Cup, Taipei’s Fright Upon Indonesia Has Come True

Sumber Gambar: Tempo.co

The Chinese Taipei U-19 national team finally arrived in Indonesia to look at the AFC Cup in 2018. They also come to Indonesia with high confidence. Despite carrying the precious capital, the team coached by Vom Ca Nhum was a little worried because they have to face the Indonesia Under-19 National Team, which is the home team.

Having come with 23 selected players, U-19 Chinese come to Indonesia a week ahead of the match. They must do this in order to adapt to the Indonesian weather which is certainly different from the country.

Chinese Taipei is in Group A with Indonesia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Coach Wang Joazhong said the pace of his team in the AFC Cup in 2018 would not be easy to see the tournament contestants being the best teams in Asia.

“There’s no doubt about strength of the 16 teams participating in the AFC Cup 2018. However, we will do our best to achieve the best results too, “said Vom Ca Nhum quoted from bola.com (10/14/18).

Furthermore, Chinese Taipei coach Wang Joazhong said that his protege must have a strong mental because it is certain that they will get great pressure from the Garuda Nusantara supporters group.

“The biggest challenge is to play the first match against the home team in front of tens of thousands of spectators. Therefore, I will help the player’s psychologically to be able to play under pressure, “said Vom Ca Nhum.

Speaking of the meeting between the two teams, the Indonesian Under-19 national team once met Chinese Taipei in qualifying for the UFC 19 AFC Cup 2010. At that time Indonesia won 6-0. However, now both teams are different.

One advantage that the Garuda Nusantara Team has is Chinese Taipei coming to Jakarta without any preparation. The state of soccer in the Chinese state of Taipei in difficult times has had an impact on their preparation.

China Taipei’s soccer condition this year’s approaching AFC Cup this year is in not a very good situation because there is an election in the federation. Therefore throughout their preparations at this prestigious Asian level, the Taipei U-19 China national team don’t do a proper international trial.


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