Indonesian Boxer Achieves Two Gold Medals in China

Ilustrasi (Sumber Gambar: Juara.Net)

The world of boxing makes Indonesia proud again. This time, two of the three boxers sent to the The Belt and Road China-ASEAN Boxing Championship tournament held in China won the gold medal.

In the tournament that took place from November 24th to November 25th, 2018, Indonesia sent 3 boxers, they are Aldriani Beatrichx Suguro who contested in the 51 kg women’s class, and Kornelis Kwangu (56 kg) with Gregorius Gheda Dende (64 kg) in the men’s section.

As quoted from Antara, Kornelis and Aldriani won the gold medal. In the meantime, Gregory has to be just satisfied by earned a silver medal, after beaten by the host boxer.

“Those who won gold were Aldriani Beatrichx Suguro (female) and Kornelis Kwangu, while Gregory Gheda Dende won silver for losing to the host boxer (China),” said Indonesian Boxing Team Manager who is also Chairman of PD Pertina Denpasar, Bali, Made Muliawan Arya.


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