Perpani Want to Sends Eight Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics 2020


The Indonesian archery team is trying to maximize the slots to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Currently there are only two athletes who are certain to qualify from the eight targeted slots.

The two slots that have passed each time are filled by Riau Ega Agatha and Diananda Choirunisa. Both are archery athletes from the male and female individual recurve numbers. Both have the right to qualify for the Olympics after successfully fulfilling points at the 2019 World Championships in the Netherlands in June 2019.

For this reason, the Indonesian archery master will try to win the remaining six slots from the men’s and women’s team’s recurve numbers. With details of three male athletes and three female athletes, with two of them acting as reserves in each gender category.

“We will try the team number later. Certainly what was sent (to the 2020 Olympics) could not be much (there is already a limit, Red),” explained Wani PP Perpani, Alman Hudri as reported by

“If we can get rid of the men’s and women’s team numbers, it means we will pass six athletes. Now, there will be a reserve of one each,” he continued.

To maximize this target Perpani revealed that he had prepared 12 athletes (six sons and six daughters) to fight for the targeted team slots. Later 12 selected athletes will undergo a series of national training camps or special training camps to prepare for the 2020 Olympics.

Rizal Bernadi, as the Secretary General of PP Perpani, said that the national training will probably begin at the end of January. Later this number will be reduced to only eight athletes.

“For the 2020 Olympic Pelatnas, it will be endeavored no later than the end of January (it has already begun),” Rizal explained.

Meanwhile the opportunity for Indonesia has the opportunity to increase its coffers in the 2020 Archery World Championships which will take place in Berlin, Germany on the coming 22-28 June.


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