Pay Attention to Achievements, Ministry of Youth & Sport Revives the ‘Foster Father’ Program for Sports

Sumber Gambar:

The biggest Asian sporting event, the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games, has a positive impact on every party as well for the sponsors. The positive results achieved by Indonesia in these two prestigious events made the sponsors happy enough to foster a high level of trust.

Seeing these positive results, the Ministry of Youth and Sports will re-program the “foster father” for sports through cooperation with the Ministry of BUMN in the form of public-private partnerships. The foster-foster program is expected to be able to improve achievement through the continuation of sports training.

“The collaboration model could be in the form of direct appointment such as the Percasi chess branch with Taspen or by signing a memorandum of understanding,” Secretary ministry youth and sport, Gatot S. Dewa, quoted as saying by (30/10/18).

The number of business entities that are interested in fully supporting the sports branch according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports comes from the BUMN and tourism business entities. Said Gatot further that Ministry of Youth and Sport has a public service body, the Fund Management and Sports Business Institution (LPDUK), which enables funding for sports.

“If you only rely on SOEs, their funds are limited. But, Ministry of Youth and Sport has a public service body that allows the budget not to be included in non-tax state revenues. Funds from public service agencies will be reused for sports, “Gatot said.

Previously, the Ministry of Youth and Sports had budgeted Rp. 500 billion to foster national training center athletes ahead of the SEA Games 2019, ASEAN Para Games 2019, and Olympic 2020 qualifications.

“Of course we want the number of coaching budgets to be like the Asian Games, reaching Rp735 billion. But of course the number of SEA Games matches is different from the Asian Games, “Said Gatot again.

Gatot added, Indonesia cannot be targeted to become the overall winner of the SEA Games 2019 despite being ranked fourth in the Asian Games 2018.  “Our calculation is not the overall champion because as many as 30 percent of the sports in the Sea Games are the domain of the host.” Gatot closed.


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