Perbakin Choose the Focus of Junior Athlete Development


During the covid-19 pandemic, the Association of Indonesian Targeting and Hunting (Perbakin) preferred to focus on developing junior shooting athletes. That is because Perbakin tries to prepare athlete regeneration as much as possible.

Delivered by Perbakin Head Coach Ebrahim Inanlou, that the selection of the focus on the junior athlete, was intended in order to prepare for the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam.

“We are currently preparing athletes for SEA Games Vietnam. This is a good time for us and we think we can use this for the SEA Games later,” Ebrahim said, as reported by

The Iranian trainer explained, ideally Pelatnas was devoted to the preparation of shooters who would jump in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualifying round. But, because all shooting events were postponed and canceled, the training program was no longer intended for Vidya Rafika who already held Olympic tickets, but also for junior athletes.

“Now we start 50m rifle 3 position specifically Fika (Vidya Rafika) because he has to shoot air rifle with 3 positions. Luckily with the time we have, we can start 3 positions with other athletes too,” Ebrahim said.

Ebrahim himself did not dismiss, if the Indonesian Team had a big challenge, if you want to add representatives to the Tokyo Olympics. This is reflected in the fact that only 12 quota left will be contested by shooters to be able to get a world ranking. Although there are still opportunities in the next year, but you could say the opportunity must really be fought for, because it will not be easy.

“The opportunity is small but we will try it even though it is very difficult. Now I am focusing on teen athletes, SEA Games and maybe competition in the future,” he said.

“Last year we also did not enter much of the competition so our shooter is still not ranked in the world.”

The training of young athletes for Ebrahim is very important, in order to continue to be able to maintain regeneration in the Perbakin camp. So the Indonesian Team will not be short of athletes in various age groups.

Until now, as many as 10 athletes are still continuing to follow the national training at the Senayan Shoot Field. Of the 10 athletes, four of them are young athletes. Besides being prepared for the Tokyo Olympics and the 2021 SEA Games, they were also prepared to welcome the 2022 Youth Olympic Games championship.


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