The Reason Why Indonesian Badminton’s Team Having Difficulties Competing in the International Arena

Sumber Gambar:

Becoming an Indonesian badminton is not an easy matter, you need to struggle hard in training and also of course the extraordinary support from those around you. Especially for the number one team, both men and women are the main spotlight for the sports administrators.

Moreover, in recent times Indonesia’s badminton performance in the team event is less impressive. The failure of the Indonesian badminton team in the Thomas-Uber Cup as well as the Sudirman Cup became the public spotlight.

Therefore in the Super league Junior event held in Magelang October 16th -21st, 2018, the organizers will try to find out and build on the experience of young players in matches, especially in the team sector.

“It’s important to have a team championship, one of which is for assessment. Team play is different from individuals, later we can judge and it’s not like buying a cat in a sack to choose a squad in a team championship like the Thomas-Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, SEA Games, Asian Games. It’s like an asset in choosing a team, “said Imelda Wiguna who is also the Daily Chairperson of PB Jaya Raya Jakarta reported from (02/10/18).

Furthermore, the former All England 1979 champion said that the team championship is  also difficult to predict. There are non-technical factors that can disrupt the atmosphere when competing.

“Team championships are also difficult to predict, even though they have imagined head to head from names. But there are still non-technical factors such as team cohesiveness, “said the women’s doubles champion and the All England 1979  mix.

While the former Indonesian victory, Yuni Kartika said the championship this time will also be a good experience for players. They can find suitable playing patterns when contested d in the team sector. In addition, their mentality when playing will be more honed.

“The younger you can play within a team, the better it’d be. Because the team play experience is very rare, there are few championship team. With the Thomas-Uber system, the young players will have knowledge to the next class. They will get used to mentality at a more difficult team level, “Yuni Kartika explained.


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