Pencak Silat: Menpora Wants to Get All Medals On SEA Games, Managers Remain Realistic


The Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zaenuddin Amali has high hopes for pencak silat to make Indonesia famous at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines at the end of November. Unmitigated Menpora, which was just installed by President Jokowi, was targeting brooms in all numbers.

“Pencak silat is the hope of contributing medals. In total there are nine numbers, lest one number be released. Everything must be taken. Don’t think that if we take all of it, other countries will not even want to compete again, “Zaenuddin said, quoted from the page.

Zaenuddin hopes that Indonesian pencak silat will be able to appear superior in the biennial multi-year event. especially Indonesia is a parent of the martial arts sport.

“Silat is no longer a village sport, it is now worldwide, even in America it has begun to be popular. Do not let the sport that was born in our country, actually makes our achievements decline, while other countries actually increase, “said Zaenuddin.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Pencak Silat Team Manager, Sunarno is ready to work optimally to realize the hopes of the Menpora. But on the other hand, it wants to remain realistic because because the team will certainly come with more and more mature preparation.

“We cannot wipe out the nine gold medals up for grabs, because we also have to take into account heavy opponents, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. But at least we can target three to four gold medals, “said Sunarno.

Pencak Silat Indonesia itself has a sweet record in various competitions. At the SEA Games in 2017 alone, Indonesia succeeded in pocketing two gold, four silver and nine bronze from 20 contested numbers.

While at the 2018 Asian Games, Indonesia, which was the host, won 14 gold and one bronze from 16 contested numbers.


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