The Government Asks Sports Administrators to be Active in Managing and Monitoring Bonus of Asian Games 2018


Miscommunication between the government and each trainer and assistant coach in the post-Asian Games sports event about giving bonuses is in fact still being questioned by the coaches and assistant coaches. Because of some sports coaches, there are still those who claim they have not received the promised bonus.

The government, through the Deputy III of the Ministry of Sports and Sports Affairs, Raden Isnanta finally spoke up. Raden Isnanta said that bonuses that have been entered into the account of each trainer and assistant coach can be immediately communicated to the chief sport or sports committee. This is so that the trainers and assistants can immediately collect the saving book so that there is no more commotion about the bonus.

“Overall the athletes and coaches have finished the process of disbursing their bonuses for the Asian Games 2018. But there are indeed number of trainers in several sports, including canoeing, sepak takraw, and so on that have not taken. Even though each trainer and assistant coach have been prepared and given their savings book, “said Raden Isnanta from the (10/16/18).

Isnanta then take the example of the sepak takraw sports branch, from five trainers and five assistant coaches, there are already two people who came and took the savings book. With this condition, finally it caused communication problems.

For this reason, Isnanta suggests that each trainer and assistant trainer be able to take their own savings, because it cannot be represented because it has been regulated by the bank sector.

“Because this is personal, so PB cannot be represented. That’s the rules from the bank. I think it is positive, those who have not taken may still be busy training abroad or because the distance is already in their area. But we also tried to find a solution. For coaches from the region, they are welcome to communicate with us so that later we can contact BRI as a partner for connectivity with the BRI branch office in its place and there are already a number of trainers who do this, “Isnanta added.

It’s been recognized by Isnanta, regarding the matter of giving bonuses to athletes, coaches, assistant coaches, until the team manager, there’s been miscommunication with the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), because the KOI made the contingent’s decree, so the government had difficulty sorting out the names of coaches or assistant coaches. .

“Because when we are going to take care of bonus trainers and assistant coaches listed in the Contingent Decree made by the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) all the entry of officials, from managers to others. Even though the guidelines for giving bonuses, bonuses can only be given by trainers, assistant coaches and athletes. Until we have difficulty sorting out which is the coach and which is not, because the decree does not connect with the rules. Until we have to return to communicate to the PB to sort, who trains who, “he said.

He also claim that he does not know whether this was a problem of lack of communication between the PB and the coach and his assistant coach or not, because on his side, Deputy III does not take care of contingent matter.

“When we received the decree with all the officials entering, it was difficult to translate for bonuses. While it’s not possible, for us to ask KOI to change the decree in a position still in the match. Focus on the Asian Games. When it’s finished it turns out it’s a bit difficult to change it, so we pick up the ball for PB. Well, this problem is KOI’s communication or ignorance, we do not understand why they are entering official, “he said.


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