The Buyers of Asian Games Tickets Get Appreciation

Sumber: Republika

As an appreciation for the community’s participation, the Asian Games 2018 viewers get prizes from the holders of ticket sales rights for the Asian Games 2018, KiosTix. As the main prize, the committee will give away in the form of two cars, the Isuzu MUX Premiere NIK 2017 car and the Daihatsu All New Terios X MT car.

As quoted on, INASGOC chairman Eric Thohir said the prizes given by KiosTix and Inasgoc it’s a form of an expression of gratitude for the attention and enthusiasm of the community for the implementation of the Asian Games 2018.

“These prizes are also a form of expression of gratitude for the attention of the community, as well as a form of appreciation for our mutual cooperation spirit as a nation that has succeeded the Asian Games 2018,” Eric Thohir said.

In addition to cars, the committee provides various kinds of prizes, such as televisions and devices. The sweepstake which is conducted by computer was attended by Erik Thohir, also attended by Director of Ticket Sarman Simanjorang, Director of Revenue Hasani Abdulgani, and Communication Director Elwin Candra Mochsin, Monday (11/26/2018) in COC Room, Serbaguna Wisma, Bung Karno Sports Complex ( GBK), Senayan, Central Jakarta.


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