Warming up for Sea Games, PGSI Held U-23 Wrestling’s National Championship

Sumber Gambar: Bisnis.com

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Wrestling Association (PP PGSI) is currently preparing a warming up agenda for the preparation of the Sea Games 2019. One of the preparations is to hold the U-23 Wrestling National Championship at the end of 2018.

The Wrestling National Championship 2018 is planned to be held in Grobogan, Central Java, on the 6th to 10th of December, 2018. This is in accordance with the results of the PP PGSI meeting led directly by the Chairperson, Trimedya Panjaitan.

The Chairperson of PP PGSI Achievement Development, Gusti Randa, said that if there are several initial stages before the National Championship 2018 is held. Previously, PP PGSI will also hold a National Working Meeting [Rakernas] on December 4th-6th, 2018.

“So, one of the agendas of PP PGSI in 2018 is to make the U-23 National Championship. After that, there will be another National Championship for junior, senior and cadres. Now this new management, this is the first national championship that we made for U-23 in Grobogan, Central Java, “said Gusti Randa.

According to Gusti, PP PGSI had its own reasons why they choose to hold the U-23 National Championship. Since, he hopes that in this work, the protégés of new wrestlers who have great potential will be born. Since, the main target is not only the Sea Games 2019 in the Philippines, but also looking for future athletes.

Meanwhile, regarding the election of Grobogan as the venue for the National Championship 2018, Gusti said that Central Java’s PGSI as the part that is most ready to hold the championship.  As far as facilities and technical, they are ready. “Those people who know more about technical part,” said Gusti.

Wrestling becomes one of the sports that Indonesia participated in at the Asian Games 2018. Wrestling itself is not certain to be competed in the Sea Games 2019, but PP PGSI believes that wrestling will enter the biggest sporting event in the Southeast Asian region.


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