Peeping Gold From Badminton at Asian Games

Medali Indonesia yang dihasilkan Cabang Olahraga Bulutangkis di Asian Games.

On the designation of Asian Games 2018 this time, Indonesia as the host determine 3 gold medals from its mainstay sport, Badminton. At least, since Asian Games 1994, this branch never been absent to contribute gold medal for Indonesia. At Asian Games 2014, two medals donated from badminton through individual men’s doubles number through Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan, double’s single women through Nitya Krishinda Maheswari/Greysia Polii.

Badminton was played as an exhibition branch at the 1958 Asian Games. Later on in the 1962 Asian Games, this branch became an official branch, and Indonesia became one of the countries that always send its players victory to the Asian Games. At 1962 Asian which held at Jakarta, yang diselenggarakan di Jakarta, Indonesia able to get 5 gold medals which received from 3 number of individual players and two team numbers. In total both individual and team, Indonesia has won 32 gold, 32 silver and 49 bronze medals.

If based on the All England results yesterday, Indonesia’s chances to gain lots of gold medals seem to be quite heavy. Just because, the asian players are dominating the tournament which held at Birmingham, England. At the men and women’s single, all the semifinal’s players are from Asia. At mix and double women, 3 players are from Asia and not even one single player from Indonesia.

The only place that Indonesians players reach their victory in the semi-finals of the All-England tournament is in the men’s doubles, Marcus Gideon and Kevin Sukamuljo. Both of them managed to escape from the pinhole and won the champion.

The results which have achieved by Indonesian badminton players in several Asian Games, on one hand it makes badminton into a consistent sport which contributed the most gold medals. On the other hand, this result becomes a kind of challenge for them,whether under these unfavorable circumstances, they are able to meet the given target or not.


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