Peek Opportunities in Underwater Hockey


Underwater Hockey is a new sport in the 2019 SEA Games. This sport has become one of the most contested sports in the Philippines. Indonesia itself takes part in the sport which is a combination of diving and hockey.

Judging from its name, Underwater Hockey is a kind of hockey sport that is carried out at the bottom of a pond by using tools. These athletes are equipped with special sticks and diving equipment. Underwater Hockey was introduced by Alan Blake in 1954. This sport is under the supervision of the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS).

Since 1980, this sport has held a world championship. Previously, the Philippines became the first Asian country to play this sport in the 70s. For this reason the 2019 SEA Games became the first to compete in this sport.

In this sport, Indonesia is determined to be able to steal gold. Although relatively new, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the All Indonesian Diving Association (PB POSSI), Major General of the Indonesian Navy (Ret.) Buyung Lalana is optimistic that the assisted athletes can bring gold medals to be met in between training athletes at the Aquatic Stadium, GBK, Senayan on Thursday (10/31) night WIB.

“I ask these athletes to be able to perform optimally in order to win gold. Moreover, we also have this opportunity (won gold) in the men’s numbers,” said Buyung, as quoted by


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