PBVSI Hunt Volleyball National Team’s player through this competition

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The Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI) held a volleyball championship titled Livoli which was held on October 28th –November 4th,2018 at Ki Mageti Sport Hall, Magelang, East Java. This championship is followed by eight male volleyball teams and eight women’s teams.

What’s interesting is that, the championship as well as the warm-up of the Proleague 2018 is also a media for PBVSI is looking for Indonesian Volleyball National Team players. In addition, Livoli is also a form of regeneration players considering that there are currently many senior players who are still the backbone of the national team that has fallen to various international championships.

Chairperson of V PP PBVSI Competition and Match Division, Hanny Surkatty said, this year’s Livoli championship is a place to find outstanding athletes who deserved to defend the Indonesian Volleyball Team. Hanny also added, Livoli is no less interesting with the Proleague. Besides aiming for the title, the participants will compete fiercely so as not to be relegated to the first division. He also ensured that the championship in Magetan would be tight and exciting.

“In addition to the Proleague event, we want to find talented and selected players to be prepared for the Manila SEA Games, Philippines (2019). This championship is the place for us to look for young and tough players. Hopefully next year we will have classy young players. Livoli is also a form of player regeneration considering that currently there are many senior players who are still the backbone of the national team that has come down in various international championships, “Hanny said, quoted by Beritassatu.com.

Meanwhile the Strategic Group Head of PGN Stakeholders, Santiaji Gunawan, admitted that he strongly supported Livoli 2018 and is proven by returning to sponsor for the seventh time. It hopes to be able to contribute to national sports, especially volleyball. This is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia.

“Why do we continue to support? We want Indonesia to excel in this particular sport. We have agreed that Livoli is also made a selection for the SEA Games national team. “This championship can be regarded as a test event,” he said.

Livoli itself has been rolled since 2012. But this year, for the first time the main division level is held in Magetan, East Java. While Livoli Division One isheld at GOR Dimyati, Tangerang, Banten, 12th-18th,November 2018.

Livoli 2018 is followed by eight male teams which are Surabaya Samator, Indonesian Air Force, Indomaret, Sukun Yuso Gunadarma, Berlian Bank Jateng, Sukun Surya Muda, PU Grobogan Central Java and Bina Cijaura Bogor. Surabaya Samator.

Whereas for the women’s team, which are Bank Jatim, PGN Popsivo Polwan, TNI AU, Petrokimia Gresik, Indonesian Navy, Alko Bandung, JWS Sulut and LNG Bontang. The organizers also provided prizes of IDR 350 million for the winners.


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