PB PASI Stay Optimistic Add Olympic Slots, Even though Athletes Exercise From Home Only

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The Executive Board of the All Indonesian Athletics Association (PB PASI) is now experiencing a new challenge, after the decision to repatriate all of their athletes from the national training plate, since last March. Independent exercise program from home, assessed PB PASI is not running effectively.

According to PB PASI Secretary General Tigor M. Tanjung that effectiveness cannot be achieved due to the lack of training room and accompanying equipment that can be accessed by athletes while they are at home.

“They cannot practice normally in their hometown, even if there is a stadium they cannot use it because it is closed,” said as reported by Tempo.co ..

“In their place of origin, some of them have already implemented PSBB or even in the red zone, so that the space for training is very limited,” he added.

Tigor said, this condition deserves its own attention. Because if it continues, it is certain that it will have an impact on the performance of athletes less than optimal, when later competing in Olympic qualifications, or other events that will be rolled out in 2021.

“We have imagined that in the future the 2021 national training program will not run so well if it only relies on the training model as it is now,” he stressed.

The Covid-19 pandemic which now hit Indonesia, resulted in 70 Pelatnas athletes who were previously centralized in training at the Bung Karno Madya Stadium, Jakarta, had to be repatriated.

Finally, many athletes are forced to continue to run an exercise program with minimal training and equipment, and supervision is not optimal from a distance trainer.

One of them is the sprinter Lalu Muhammad Zohri. The athlete who has locked a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics, is now practicing only in the yard, or the beach with his personal equipment.

Despite the fact that the current conditions are limited, PB PASI continues to motivate and strive to continue to improve the performance of the athletes. With the target of adding slots in the Olympics that were postponed to 2021.

“What is certain is Zohri, but we are also trying to pass the others as well. For the (match) qualification we don’t know which one will be included because the match calendar is also unclear,” Tigor said.


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