PB PASI Makes Borobudur Marathon Media Competition for Indonesian Team Athletes

Sumber Gambar: Borobudur Marathon 2018. ANTARA FOTO/Anis Efizudin

The annual marathon Borobudur Marathon event which will soon be held, will be used as the Executive Board of the Indonesian Athletics Association (PB PASI) as an event to trial the abilities of national athletes in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Secretary General of PB PASI Tigor Tanjung, this event will be very valuable for athletes, considering that for the last five months PB PASI athletes have been vacuum from competition due to the pandemic.

“This is an opportunity for national athletes to test their abilities. Currently there are no matches to test their abilities,” said Tigor, quoted from Solopos.com.

Moreover, added Tigor, until the end of December 2020 it is almost certain that there will be no more athletic events, both on a scale. national and international. This condition made the athletes of the Indonesian Team not have the opportunity to test their skills forged in training so far.

Even according to Tigor, an athlete in the class of Lalu Zohri who already holds an Olympic ticket now has no chance to compete in the meantime.

“We are very grateful if the Borobudur Marathon will continue to be held,” added Tigor.

The Borobudur Marathon itself is planned to be held on 15 November. However, unlike previous years, this annual event received several adjustments, adapting new habits to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Apart from the absence of athletes from abroad like the previous years, this year’s Borobudur Marathon is also held semi-virtual. In the sense that there are some participants who do run according to the standard route around Borobudur Temple, but most of the other participants can run from anywhere, then send their running recordings to the committee.

For participants who are allowed to run on the route, are participants from the elite level, where participants for this level are national athletes who have been selected by PB PASI.

“By continuing to hold [Borobudur Marathon], we hope that the spirit of running will still exist. The event didn’t go away. In addition, this is a way of adapting to new habits. What’s new? Yes, there are fewer participants, running virtually, and so on, “said Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo.


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