PB PASI Holds Training Camp in Jakarta Starting August 10, Here Is the List of Athletes Called

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The Executive Board of the All Indonesian Athletics Association (PB PASI) is preparing to re-hold a national training camp (Pelatnas) on August 10, 2020.

PB PASI plans to call 15 athletes and 11 coaches, to return to training at the Madya Senayan Stadium, after the same activity had stopped last March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, including Indonesia.

In this National Pelatnas, all athletes, trainees and officials will be required by PB PASI to follow the health protocol standards that have been formulated previously. This protocol refers to the National Sports Achievement Improvement (PPON) standard which requires Pelatnas members to take the PCR test at the Cibubur National Sports Hospital (RSON).

“The athletes will come in two waves, the first wave contains 10 athletes and the remaining five in the second wave. For those (coming) on ​​the 10th they will first be tested for swabs to ensure their health. If the results are negative they can immediately practice,” said the Director of Pelatnas PB PASI Mustara Musa as reported by Antara.

Until now PB PASI’s medical division continues to establish communication with the RSON in preparation for the test for the first wave of Pelatnas members, before they enter the mes at the Century Hotel on August 10. PB PASI medical team is also still waiting for certainty whether the tests taken by prospective Pelatnas athletes are only sufficient rapid tests or swab tests, because the facilities available at RSON are only available for MCU / rapid tests.

“It will be coordinated again with PPON and PB PASI whether to conduct rapid tests only or swab tests as stipulated in the Menpora Circular Letter which requires swab tests,” he said.

In this regard, Mustara also ensured that the training program for the first wave of athletes could automatically be started immediately, even though the second wave had not yet come to the National Pelatnas.

“The arrival of the second wave is waiting for the development and evaluation of the athletes in the first wave. Meanwhile, if the first wave is all negative (Covid-19), you can immediately start training,” Mustara said.

The following is a list of athletes and trainers who will return to athletics training:

1.Lalu Muhammad Zohri
3.Halomoan Edwin Binsar
4.Agus Prayogo
6.Bayu Kertanegara
7.Emilia Nova
8.Alvin Tehupeiory
9.Odekta Elvina Naibaho
10.Adith Rico Pradana
11.Adi Ramli Sidiq
12.Wahyu Setiawan
13.Diva Renata Jayadi
14.Valentin Vanesa Lonteng
15.Nabilah Fafriliyani Ardiyansyah

1.Eni Nuraini Martodiharjo
2.Arya Yuniawan Parwoko
3.Fitri Haryadi
4.Agung Mulyawan
5.Kikin Ruhuddin
6.Achmad Sakeh Sumarsono
7.Wita Witarsa
8.Erwin Renaldo Maspaitella
9.Agustinus Ngamel
11.Siga Wino Wole


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