Participating in the Asian Tournament in Thailand, PBSI Rents Aircraft for Indonesian Badminton Athletes

Sumber Gambar: ANTARA FOTO/INASGOC/Nafielah Mahmudah/tom/18.

The Indonesian Badminton Association (PP PBSI) has determined that it will send Indonesian badminton athletes to the Asia Open I and II tournaments in Thailand. In order to provide a sense of security, PBSI will rent a special plane for Kevin Sanjaya and his colleagues.

Previously, the World Badminton Federation (BWF) had set rules so that all its members, including Indonesia, had to send badminton athletes to qualifying before participating in the main round of the 2020 BWF World Finals. Three qualifications as well as the remaining tournaments for the 2020 season, consisting of Denmark Open, Asian Open I and II .

Of the three tournaments, each federation is allowed to choose between participating in tournaments in Asia or Europe, according to their respective regions. PBSI itself has confirmed to send Indonesian badminton athletes to the Asian tournament, after previously ensuring that they were absent from the Danish Open.

The reason that PBSI prefers two tournaments in Thailand, is the safety and health of Indonesian badminton athletes, which have become the main concern during this pandemic. This was revealed directly by the Secretary General of PBSI, Achmad Budiharto.

“We plan to participate because we think that the handling of this safety is in line with our expectations,” said Budiharto, as quoted by

“If those in Denmark apologize, the handling is still a lot of gaps. In addition, the journey is quite long, our fear of being exposed is quite high, especially when we are with common passengers,” he explained.

“Meanwhile in Thailand, we plan to charter planes. It’s a little arrogant,” he continued joking.

Meanwhile, the Head of PP PBSI’s Achievement Development Division, Susi Susanti, said that now Indonesian badminton athletes who join the Cipayung National Training Center continue to intensify their efforts. preparation for the upcoming tournament.

“They (athletes) are ready to compete and the national plate is still running,” he said.

Regarding the procedure for sending Indonesian badminton athletes to overseas tournaments, Susi said that currently she continues to maintain intense communication with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“We have reported all our activities to Kemenpora.” said Susi.


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