Pandemic does not Dampen Mariska Halinda’s Passion to Win Olympic tickets

Sumber Gambar:

In the midst of the global pandemic Covid-19, and also in the atmosphere of Ramadan, many athletes are still training to face various events in the coming 2021, starting from national events like the PON XX Papua to the Tokyo Olympics world event.

One of them is the Indonesian national team taekwondo athlete who is also a native athlete of East Kalimantan, Mariska Halinda. Girl who was born March 28, 1994, now still survives in Jakarta, in order to prepare to welcome the Tokyo Olympics selection event.

In fact, there is a great chance that Mariska will not go back to her hometown this year for Eid with her family, because it is a national situation that is not possible.

“Considering the Government regulations, so I remain in Jakarta. I am also not used to Eid with my family, maybe this is the umpteenth time,” he said as reported by the Tribun Kaltim.

“For me, the cure for longing with my family must meet directly, but with the current condition I just video call,” she continued.

Regarding his training activities while in the Capital City, many athletes who won many medals in various international championships explained that the training continued as usual. Every day he devoured twice the portion of exercise, namely physical and technical.

“The exercise continues as usual. During the month of Ramadan the exercise is done after breaking the fast,” she explained.

As well as preparing for the Papuan XX PON which is retiring until next year, Mariska is currently focusing in preparation for selection for the Tokyo Olympics which is also postponed to 2021.

“God willing there are Olympic qualifications, initially held in April, but also postponed until an undetermined time. Entered the Olympic team yet, because they have to pass the qualifications first, just one more stage, the winner will take one and two to qualify,” she explained.

While in Jakarta, Mariska not only spends her time practicing alone, but she also often does various other activities, such as watching movies or making cakes that are her hobbies.

“For the time being I do most of the training. Other activities are the most watching, and I am a hobby of making cakes,” she concluded.


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