Pandemic Covid-19, National Bicycle Riders Choose to Compete in a Virtual Vision


The emergency period due to the co-19 virus pandemic in Indonesia is still ongoing. However, this did not become an obstacle for one of the Indonesian athletes, Team Aiman ​​Cahyadi, to continue training and racing, even though the conditions changed 180 degrees from usual.

“The training continued as usual, but now more in the room. I also continue to race, but it’s different now, because it’s virtual, “said Aiman ​​in Jakarta, as reported by Antara.

The rider from Bandung, now in Yogyakarta, is at the headquarters of the team he is now defending, namely PGN Road Cycling Team (PRCT) who are undergoing training camps. It’s just that, now more riders who undergo training from home alone.

Recognized by the 2019 SEA Games gold medalist in the Philippines, that virtual racing is an effort to relieve daily boredom. Especially in it, there are plenty of other programs or games that offer other real racing sensations.

“It’s called Swift. But still there must be a special trainer, so that the weight and lightness of the program can be more organized, “continued Aiman.

According to Aiman ​​the race in Swift also remained exciting, even though he had not long tried to run an exercise like this. The number of cycling enthusiasts, coaches, officials and national athletes involved there made the competition in this virtual program even more intense and exciting.

Even so, the real race on the streets is still missed by Aiman. Moreover, the team that he is now in has a lot of competing programs, both national and international, which he should have gone through.

Covid-19 pandemic is what makes all these programs and events have to be postponed, some of them have even been canceled.

Meanwhile, Dadang Haries Poernomo, a cycling team coach who is also active in the virtual racing program, said that at the moment his team does need more maximum virtual training facilities, as well as equipment for practicing fitness. As a support for training in the current pandemic.

“This virtual training equipment has been widely used by world bicycle riders, especially from track numbers who have to practice indoors. Virtual training is not just about removing boredom, but also as an effort to continue to support and maintain the achievements of athletes, especially in track numbers, “said Dada.

“With virtual equipment connected to the internet, racers can finally take part in training programs like what the world-level racers do, and still be able to compete in various competitions. Just choose which race is in accordance with the racer’s ability. Because the competition has grades from A to E, “he concluded.


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