Paddle Sports Holds Training Camp in the Midst of the 19th Pandemic and the Olympic Postponed

Sumber Gambar:

The Executive Board of the All Indonesian Paddle Sports Association (PB PODS) is committed to continuing to hold the national training that has been taking place since January 2020, even though the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has ensured that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be postponed next year.

PB PODS Deputy Chairperson, Budiman Setiawan, said that the National Training Committee is currently filled with 16 athletes, consisting of 8 rowing athletes and 8 canoe athletes. as quoted from

Budiman also explained that the national training model, as previously carried out, by dividing athletes in Situ Cileunca, Pangalengan could no longer be implemented, due to the widespread co-19 pandemic.

He added, national training will continue to implement health protocols, as well as under the strict supervision of the PB PODSI medical team directly led by doctor Heni.

“We also conduct health surveillance by maintaining cleanliness and procedures recommended by the government,” said Budiman.

Associated with the race schedule, according to Budiman, if there is no delay then the closest agenda is the Olympic qualification which will be held in Thailand in December 2020.

“The results of our communication with the international federation and the host of Olympic (Thailand) qualifications for canoeing will be rescheduled in December this year,” he said. It is also still awaiting the decision of the Olympic qualification for rowing numbers.

“Rowing has no idea whether this year or next year,” he said.

Even though the Olympics are definitely backwards, Budiman said that there would still be a number of international championships that could take place, of course, with the note that the covid-19 pandemic had subsided. “This has not been decided yet. .

So confirmed by Budiman, that the paddle national training will continue to run, even though the Olympics were retreating, because there is also an Asian Beach Games agenda in November 2020.


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