Opportunity to Pass the Olympics, Nurul Iqamah Has to Work Hard

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The tough challenge for buses to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is faced by Team Indonesia mainstay climber. Because from the Asian zone, only two athletes are given a qualifying quota.

Where this shows that the rock climbing athlete from NTB who is now included in the National Training Center for the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation, Nurul Iqamah, must fight with extra energy to get the Olympic ticket.

“The competition is tough. Not only against other countries’ athletes. But Nurul also competes with his fellow athletes from Indonesia, “said NTB Rock Climbing Coach Ari Purnomo, as quoted from jawapos.com.

Tickets to the quadrennial universal sports party will be contested in only one championship. The championship, should be held in Japan in 2020. Only because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event is still being postponed to an unknown extent.

In the championship, it is predicted that Ari Purnomo, athletes from South Korea, China and Iran will become tough competitors for the Indonesian Team.

“If you see Japan is the toughest. However, Japan has already qualified as the host of the Olympics, “he said.

More deeply, Ari explained, for the Olympics itself, Nurul actually had the greatest chance of getting a ticket to qualify, compared to other female climbers from the Indonesian Team. This is because the number contested in the Olympics, namely combined, is Nurul’s specialist number.

“Of the six female athletes called Pelatnas, five athletes have their specialties in the speed number,” said Ari.

With the tight competition map, Nurul must really be able to maximize speed numbers. Because Nurul actually has advantages over other athletes, namely in the boulder and lead numbers.

“Combined is a combination of the three numbers. Now, it remains to be matured which is still lacking, ”he explained

At the Tokyo Olympics, there were only two gold medals up for grabs, namely gold in the men’s and women’s categories. This is because new to the Tokyo Olympics, rock climbing is officially competed at the sporting event.

“The next Olympics are planned to increase the number of matches to four, namely speed, boulder, lead and combined,” concluded Ari.


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