Online, Umar Syarief Intensively Improves the Physics of the Indonesian Karate National Team

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The distance between continents is not an obstacle for one of the karate legends of Team Indonesia, Umar Syarief, to show his love for the Nation and the State. Even though he currently lives in Switzerland, it turns out that Umar Syarief has been loyal to train the Indonesian Karate National Team.

Umar, who has retired from the world of karate and is now a professional coach in STRONG Nation, sees that so far fiisk has become one of the weaknesses of athletes in Indonesia, just like karate.

STRONG Nation itself, is a high-intensity training program, accompanied by music, which combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometrics. It is known, since 2017, Umar has taken the initiative to make STRONG NATION a part of the Indonesian Team’s core training program, when practicing ahead of the SEA Games.

So for Umar, STRONG Nation is a great alternative for athletes who are tired and bored of undergoing relatively monotonous physical training in the country.

“Not only training muscle strength, STRONG Nation also trains cardio and motor skills that can train the coordination of movements for each athlete, because not all athletes have dynamic coordination of movements,” said Umar in as quoted from

The difference in time and distance, between Switzerland and Indonesia, did not at all be an obstacle for Umar Syarief to be able to train the Indonesian Karate Team intensively. Six times a week, he exercises with the National Team virtually, through various online video platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet and others.

The various efforts and persistence made by Umar were due to his love and desire to continue to be able to do his best for the sake of Nusa and the Nation. In order to continue to foster young Indonesian athletes who are able to make the country proud in the international arena.

“On this independence day, I also hope that the Indonesian national team that has been coached will improve in physical condition so that it can continue to excel and become Indonesia’s pride in the international arena,” he concluded.


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