Olympic Uncertainty, Does Not Block the Weightlifting Team’s Spirit

Windy Cantika Aisah. (Sumber Gambar: Jawa Pos)

The uncertainty regarding the implementation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19), apparently did not affect the preparation of the Indonesian Team for weightlifting.

The readiness, conveyed by the Indonesian weightlifting team manager, Alamsyah Wijaya, with the consideration that currently Eko Yuli et al are indeed in top condition, ready to compete.

“It is better on schedule because we are ready. The point is our Olympic team is not too disturbed. Hopefully yes, not arrogant. So do not be delayed. Unfortunately the problem,” said Alamsyah as reported by Detiksport, Saturday (3/21/2020). “But what we will see about the decision, wait for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Want to come on, if you resign, that’s it,” he continued.

According to Alamsyah, PB PABSI as the weightlifting parent is also still awaiting how the policies to be taken by the IOC who are discussing to consider Olympic qualifications will be extended until July, or close to the Olympic implementation schedule on July 14-August 9 2020.

The plan was rolled out, after two previous events, which should have been the last Olympic qualification, were delayed. The Junior World Weightlifting Championship in Romania March 14-21, officially canceled. Meanwhile, the Asian Weightlifting Championship in Uzbekistan, April 16-25, was postponed indefinitely.

“But in my opinion it is not possible (to be extended) because it is tight. Think until July, it means that the preparation is one month. Too tight for athletes. If I hope for qualifications it will stop. Count who qualifies, those who play in the Olympics,” he said.

Until now PABSI has placed two athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, namely, Eko Yuli Irawan (61 kg) as the world’s second position, and Windy Cantika Aisah (49 kg of women) who currently occupies the position of seven in the world. The Indonesian team still has a chance to pass one more representative, through the continental route, if indeed official qualifications are removed.

“Therefore, we are waiting for an official announcement. Those were the results of the March 16-17 IWF congress yesterday via teleconference. Now, the results were sent to the IOC and have not been determined until now (whether stopped or extended), so we are waiting for that,” he said.


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