Youth Olympic 2018, Stepping Stone for Nur Vita


“My target is to be able to perform at the Tokyo Olympics and other International Championships,”

Indonesia’s young lifter, Nur Vitasari continues to pave the way to become the best in the world. The woman from Pringsewu Lampung managed to win a bronze in the Youth Olympic Games 2018 or Youth Olympics in Argentina. In the match held at the Europe Pavilion, Nur managed to lift a total force of 162 kg.

According to PB PABBSI Head Trainer, Dirdja Wiharja, Nur Vinatasari is a female lifter assisted by Lampung Elephant compound owned by Imron Rosadi. At the age of 17, Nur Vinatasari was the mainstay lifter for Indonesia. Her achievements in the World Youth Championship 2017 in Thailand make Nur entitled to perform at the Youth Olympics 2018.

“Nur Vinatasari is the only lifter who joined Youth Olympic after winning a ticket at the World Youth Championship 2017 in Thailand,” said Dirdja Wihardja.

At a young age, Nur has succeeded in making the name of Indonesia several times on the international stage. One of the phenomenal achievements, inscribed by a young woman who was born in 2001 at the World Weightlifting Youth Championship which took place in Penang, Malaysia in 2016. In the championship which was participated by 60 countries, Nur Vinatasari won three Silver medals.

At first, Indonesia does have a target to get a medal in Argentina from the weightlifting branch. The chairman of the Indonesian contingent, Dito Ariotedjo said, Nur’s success is an unexpected surprise.

“We initially does not have high targets for Nur. Never even thought she could get a medal. This is really a surprise and she has done her best, “said Dito as quoted from

Although previously had a slight problem with increasing body weight, Nur able to complete a total force of 162 kg (72 kg snatch and clean & 90 kg jerk). While the gold was taken by Romanian lifter Sabina Baltag with 177 kg (snatch 77 kg and clean & jerk 100 kg), and silver was secured by Valentina Kely Junkar Acero (Colombia) with a force of 176 kg (snatch 78 kg and clean & jerk 98 kg).

This success certainly paved the way for this young lifter to continue to excel in the international arena.  Nur Vita’s next target is to perform at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.




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