NTB Rock Climbing Athletes Lock One Pre-Olympic Ticket

Sumber Gambar: RRI.co.id

Successfully carved out achievements at the 2019 Pre-Pon event, making NTB cliff athlete Nurul Iqamah get one slot in the Indonesian Team to take part in the rock climbing Pre-Olympics event next May. The rock climber from the City of Bima got the opportunity, after successfully winning a gold medal in the combined woman number in Pre-PON 2019.

Nurul Iqamah finally got the chance to appear at the Pre-Olympics in May 2020, and also received appreciation from the FPTI NTB board. Nurul will begin the struggle at the national level, following the Pre-Olympic National Training preparations, after the inauguration of FPTI’s General Chairperson, PBny Yenny Wahid.

“Nurul will enter the National Pelatnas after the inauguration of the NTB FPTI chairman, Yenny Wahid, who was chosen unanimously at the FPTI Musornas PB 2019,” said the Daily Chairperson of the Provincial Board of Management (Pengprov) of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI) NTB, Adi Hendra Susanto, as reported by Suara NTB .

Adi stated, Nurul was certain to appear at the Pre-Olympic event, because the event would only have a woman and man combined match.

“Nurul will represent the Indonesian women’s team in the Pre-Olympics because Nurul is the best in the national women’s combined number. He always won a gold medal in every championship, last in Pre-PON 2019 Nurul also won a gold medal in combined women, “he explained.

Adi continued, before participating in the Pre-Olympic National Training Preparation, Nurul for now will still undergo joint training with NTB Pelatda athletes at the Mataram Youth Stadium in NTB. The PTI FPTI Pelatda that Nurul participated in runs in Mataram from 2 February 2020.


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