The Plus Value of Indonesian Sport in the Last 4 Years

Sumber Gambar: CNN Indonesia

Indonesia is now one of the countries whose sporting achievements are increasingly taken into account in the eyes of the world. This cannot be separated from the neat achievement at the Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018

As known, Indonesia is ranked fourth in the Asian Games with a collection of 31 gold, 24 silver and 43 bronze. The incision surpassed Indonesian President, Joko Widodo to enter the top 10.

While at the Asian Para Games 2018, the Indonesian contingent collected 37 gold medals, 47 silver medals and 51 bronze medals and finished fifth and also exceeded the target imposed by the government.

Even so, there is still something that needs special attention from the Indonesian government, which is Indonesia’s long-term sports planning that has not been owned by Indonesia. This is revealed by National Sports Observer, Tommy Apriantono, when he revealed the plus-minus in the Indonesian sports world during the past four years.

“The plus achievements of the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games as organizers and in terms of excellent achievements. “The Minus of the Menpora is considered as having no blueprint for Indonesia’s long-term sports planning,” said Tommy, quoted by

On the other plus side, Tommy said the Jokowi government should also be appreciated for being able to provide equal bonuses for athletes who won medals at the Asian Games and Asian Para Games. That is said by Tommy as never before by the previous presidents.

“I see that it’s good. It’s promising. So far the previous presidents never paid attention to bonuses for disability athletes and was given on time, “said Tommy.

But the minus part is that Indonesia is predicted to experience the decline of achievement in the upcoming Asian Games event. In addition, the government is also considered not serious about building a comprehensive sports infrastructure to the region. Although it’s not a direct President’s business, Tommy said the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) as an extension of the government could focus on infrastructure and system development in the Indonesian sports.

“If analyzed, we might be able to sag away at the next Asian Games not because of our poor performance, but the sports branch that will not be available at the Asian Games later. This means that there will be fluctuations in achievement. Because it is expected that ministry of youth and sport  and sports administrators will have blueprints, so the program is clear, “said Tommy.

“The Satlak Peima was dissolved yesterday, but it was not evaluated, it was not explained the reason why it was dissolved. Because if it’s called the problem, the budget is still problematic, “he explained.

Another problem that is considered important by Tommy is that the government has not considered sports as important. It can be seen from the amount of budget disbursed to the sports sector. Even though the funds spent on sports have seen a large amount in the past two years, this is because Indonesia hosted the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games.

Hambalang, which is called the key to Indonesia’s sporting achievements, is still unclear at the end. While making the Gelora Bung Karno area (GBK) Senayan as a national training center is not a way out.

According to Tommy, GBK is not equipped with sports science support to find out the development of athletes’ abilities.  In addition, it’s needed a way to identify the talents of athletes in the regions.

“Hopefully in the future we can be better. Especially to prepare for the Olympics 2020, which will be the final proof for Mr. Jokowi and Ministry of Youth and Sport. “How can you get as many Indonesian athletes as possible to the Olympics through non-wildcard classifications,” said Tommy..



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